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JC Nazarene


JC made his mark very early on by crafting the very first designs ever made. His visuals and influence are known the world over as the purest and most iconic distillation of the aesthetic language.

marie d'cristo 2024.png

Marie D'Cristo


Mary's strength is literally the word come to life. She communicates all of your needs to the appropriate parts of the organization and is a leader in her own right.

xavier francois 2024.png

Xavier Francois


Xavier is a highly knowledgeable designer and orator. Able to decipher complex ideas and streamline them into simple yet powerful strategies, Xavier excels at the interpretation of intangible ideals. 

alyssa francois 2024.png

Alyssa Francois


Alyssa is the heart of the team working in a closely-knit fashion with clients to flesh out their goals. She has the patience and discipline to turn dreams into reality. Everyone who meets her knows she is what makes this team shine.


Jennifer Lefebre



Jennifer has a keen eye for the not only the totality of the project but for the minor compositions that build the bigger picture. Her edits are known to make a statement that lasts.


David Couture


Creating captivating and compelling text is David's forté. With that base, he knows just how to position brands both in writing and as they apply to the overall impact the mark has on it's intended audience.

roxanne francois 2024.png

Roxanne Francois


A long-term devotee to all things classy and artistic, Roxanne has always had a flair for putting projects together. She naturally gets clients the results that they want while having fun at the same time. 

guillaume francois 2024.png

Guillaume Francois



Monsieur Francois has crafted dozens of brands and helped them stand out in the world of business. With over two decades of experience creating brand strategies, logos and perfecting the images people want, he creates unique designs and brands that people love.


Frank Rodriguez



Frank has created many of the brands you see on this site and helped bring them to market. He has many years of experience with identity design, logo design, and marketing strategy. If you are looking to visually level up your business, he is the man to get the job done.

roxy villagra 2024.jpg

Roxy Villagra


Roxy has advised all of the brands we have worked with and has an unmatched record of success. She has real-world experience with fashion design, interior design, branding, and marketing strategy. If you are looking to generate more leads and close more deals, she is the one to lead you.

tyson takamoto 2024.png

Tyson Takamoto


Tyson's many years of experience in banking and investing have proven to be the edge needed to complete each project on budget.

9 out of 10 client projects have even rendered immediate gross profits upon their completion.

Truly an MVP of the team.

emarah mcinnis 2024.png

Emarah McInnis


Emerah was repeatedly endorsed for her expert coaching through today's complex problems, along with her ability to deliver straightforward solutions to the many talent-related challenges the design profession is currently facing. Her work upholds the entire industry.

Why Hire A Brand Specialist?

Brand Identity Design Gets Results

Francois Agency's team creates powerful, attractive and memorable designs. Designs which echo forever in the minds of their viewers. Discover design that compels your audience to your brand and its offer. Make lasting connections that build a legacy. 

Grow Your Audience Through Better Design

Your brand needs people to see and understand its message. There's no better way to convey the right message than with the right image. Your bespoke brand identity and logo package will draw people in and tell your story.


Create a legacy.


Create the future of your brand with The Francois Agency™.

Why This Team?

Zero Risk Through Deep Specialization 

You deserve to collaborate with true design professionals.

Ask yourself, how many promotional materials or ads will my design touch? If your design isn't right, how much money could be wasted by working with the wrong people? 

Make your mark and increase revenue by placing your trust in proven results-oriented brand strategy. With the Francois Agency, your business is never at risk and you will have a genuine team who has your back from start to finish. 

Flat Rate Design Pricing

(No Revision Charges) 

When you receive work from us you'll note that you weren't charged by the hour. Your project will be fleshed out as a progressive dialogue - A dialogue where there aren't revision charges.

Those flat rates translate into lasting value while providing you a powerful, memorable logo design for your brand. Your ROI will be rather pleasing and so will your experience working with our team. 

Razor Sharp - Like You  

This team was trained in the Art Institute New York located in Manhattan. There they fleshed out multiple disciplines in typography, logo design, brand strategy, illustration, fine art, digital art and photo editing.
Since then, they have crafted dozens of brands and helped them put their best foot forward in the world of business.
With over two decades of experience creating logos and perfecting the images people want, they have created unique designs that stand out and brands that people love.

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